Monday, July 20, 2009

we suck

at blogging. brett could update but he doesnt cause hes a jerk nah not really but ya i just got back from woodward the other day. indiana has been really fun. ive already lost money playin dice and i lost a bet and had to shave a donut. dylan is gonna get fucked up while im back and i promise it. i was gonna post a picture of how terrible i look but didnt work out. oh well but ya shits goin good bretts a workin man now and theres a new moontower. but other than that not much goin on so ill leave it at that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


sorry its been so long since brett or i have gotten to post anything. this is the second time ive been on a computersince ive been here. but ya woodward is awesome! gettin to do so much skating and tons of other stuff. ive met tons of awesome new people. and on top of that both of the kids that are on the camp woodward show this year are in my cabin HAH! so best believe im gonna be all over fuel tv son! im blowin up! but when i get a chance i gotta catch up with everyone elses blog espically tims cause hes still probably posting 3 times a day and i have cant even imagine whats going on over at woodward west. oh also me and chris were chillin today and all of a sudden the fucking BIRDMAN walks by. TONY FUCKING HAWK! so siked. and him and mike fraizer ripped one of the vert ramps here but of course i was working during the whole thing and saw him do like 2 tricks. but watching mike fraizer skate is amazing and hes probably the nicest guy to ever walk the face of the earth. well i got a cabin full of kids that are asleep and im tuckered out myself so im gonna get off of this but ill try to update some more and when i get back to indiana i will have another possible mega post??!?!? but one last thing go to and buy a shirt. there awesome shirts for pretty cheap and the dude who makes em(ryan oconnor) is an awesome guy so if you got some chumpchange layin around buy one!!!!! do it newnaw! and youll get a free hanbeezy!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

wee waw???

this is wee waw

and that was a shuv it tailgrab back 5050. local noblesville park legend.
not much going on in me and brett's lifes right now. we leave for woodward on thursday so i have no idea if we'll be able to blog while were there. but anyways go to and watch the videos. the site is gonna be getting updated all the time by tubbs so you know its gonna be awesome! me brett and some friends went to bloomington today and got to skate homewoods and it was awesome! lots of biffs! but ya other than that just been doin the same ol same ol. hopefully we can get some sweet blog footage before we go and we'll get tons of blog footage at woodward. our blog could be going downhill ever since our last post tho i dont think we can do better.....:( have a good night tho everybody :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


the wait is over for all the followers of this blog. the illinois superpost is here! this is dylan starting things off. dylan gets super creative and skates super fast.
next we have me failing tryin to ollie up this 2 block
next we have me failing once again and our friend/rival blogger tim ward tryin to poach our footage!(also tim sorry im an idiot or else id post a link to your blog)
and heres another fail....this is beginning to look like a somedays edit. and tim, i didnt really mean what i said in this clip sowwy
then finally i land sort of and brett gets my back and this is how we do america
next clip is of our good friend tj. id like to thank tj so much for letting me dylan chris and brett stay at his house and eat his food and drink his soda. THANKS TJ!!!!
here again we have tim ward tryin to fuck our shit up. it sucks cause he does it succesfully that sly sonofabitch!
but of course the steed is the best skateboarder in the world and has no problem doing it again

so thats pretty much it for our weekend in illinois. could this be our best post yet? leave comments and let us know. i also think tim ward has a blogging problem and we have a blogging about tim ward problem. but its cause tims the best! and of course we still miss everyone in az and everyone in illinois!


superpost comin soon???

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

tim ward

is gonna get put on blast if he doesnt watch his ass! me and brett have been filmin non stop for some web footage. there was a vans demo today at wilson park except most of the vans team didnt skate. chris pffaffannafnaner killed it and so did curren caples. i dont give a shit the little guy is good! also got to go to YEAH! boardshop the other day and it was awesome! and steve davenport is a rad dude! and this whole weekend ive gotten to meet tons of rad dudes. vans demo at roselle park tomorrow so if your in the area im sure your probably already going. ya thats about it for now and nagasaki rules! :)